Tuesday, December 26, 2006


To all those who think being alone during the holidays is a fate worse than death, let me tell you something. I'm single and alone. My holiday season has been full of joy.
No children whose visions of sugar plums must I keep alive, no significant other for me to find the exact- right- perfect gift, no family obligations filling up weekends or days off. In other words, very little stress, just a lot more socializing.
Children, presents, and significant others can be fun, too. But I’m looking only for the positives, since the myth is that not having those things equals misery this time of year.
That’s simply not true, and may just be a well-kept secret so as not to upset all the family traditions. Not exactly conspiracy-theory status, but perhaps a conservative intention nonetheless.

This year, I also innocently started what might become a tradition. I gave everyone the same Xmas present.
What I gave to a ‘bar buddy," I gave to my parents. It was a homemade gift, which I spent many hours on many days after work preparing.
There was something simple and fun about giving the same gift to everyone. I made a cute little one-size-fits-all card, and didn’t label the presents, which made me free to give to whomever and whenever I wanted. I felt like a sincere Santa.
An unexpected positive from the same-thing-to-everyone gift giving, was that I felt love for each and every one. Instead of spending more on my relatives to show them how much more they mean to me than the neighbors, the simple sweet-and-crunchy nuts said it more eloquently than any diamond or cashmere sweater could.
I appreciate one and all who are in my life, for whatever it is that you personally bring. All parts contribute to my life, and each is special in it’s own way.
By giving the same thing to one and all, I felt the true spirit of giving. It’s not based on a dollar amount. It’s not based on the latest toy or gadget. It’s based on the fact that there are good people in my life who make it so much more live-able, and they don’t need a fancy gift from me to know that.
Who knew a simple nut would show me such things?

Observations on my way to work this morning–
Aside from the garbage man and a few others in trucks, most of the commuters this morning were women. Already known is the disparity of pay between men’s and women’s jobs, but more obvious today was the disparity in bargaining. Seems like most of the guys got to stay home for a holiday after-day, while the wimmen-folk headed off to work.
When are we going to get our act together?

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